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Supported distributions

Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 22.04.



Nvidia 525 drivers and CUDA 12 required for best performance.
You can find instructions here:
Miner load GPU heavily - check your power unit and PL settings. After miner starts - watch for temperature of GPU and CPU during first 30-60 minutes. In case of overheating - lower PL, tune OC.
Aleo wallet can be generated at or

One-command installation

In most of the cases you just need to run our script using the command:
curl -sSf -L | sudo sh -s -- --address aleo1address
The script will do the following:
  • detect OS and download binaries
  • create system service
To join in solo mode provide --solo parameter:
curl -sSf -L | sudo sh -s -- --address aleo1address --solo
All parameters:
--address - Aleo address --solo - for solo mode --gpu-select 1,2 - set using GPU devices IDs comma-separated all using by default --ws wss:// - for SSL connection For example, to join in SOLO mode on the first two GPU cards with enabled SSL, run (please, check all parameters, don't just copy that):
curl -sSf -L | sudo sh -s -- --address aleo1address
--solo \
--gpu-select 0,1 \
--ws wss://

Watch logs

journalctl -u 1to-miner -n 50 -f

Editing .service file

nano /etc/systemd/system/1to-miner.service
You can tweak running parameters, see binary usage. After editing, don't forget to restart miner:
systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl restart 1to-miner

Disable autostart on reboot

systemctl disable 1to-miner

Stop miner

systemctl stop 1to-miner

Delete miner

curl -sSf -L | sudo sh

Manual installation

If for some reason our script not works for you:

Download binaries

wget -O ./1to-miner


./1to-miner --address aleo1... --solo --ws wss://
--address - Aleo address --solo - for solo mode --ws wss:// - for SSL
To restrict miner using all cards, you can specify which cards using by setting envirement variable CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES, for example:
CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=1,3 ./1to-miner --address aleo1...
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