Testnet 2 rewards

Testnet 2 lasted from December 6, 2021, starting at 00:00 UTC, to February 15, 2022, ending at 23:59 UTC. The reward is our grant, received from Aleo for developing the pool.

We have decided to distribute this grant among the participants of our Testnet 2 pool, 1to.sh, because the pool has already secured a place in the top 100. You are eligible to receive this reward if you participated in our pool during Testnet 2 and kept your machines running until the end of the testnet.

Check if you are eligible on the Testnet Rewards page in the Testnet 2 section.

Due to the obsolescence of the Testnet 2 address format, you need to provide a Mainnet address (the same as used in Testnet 3) and verify that you own the private key for your Testnet 2 address. To do this, you must sign a message containing your Mainnet address using the private key from your Testnet 2 address. This can be done using our tool – it is tested on Ubuntu but should work fine on other Linux distributions too.

Download tool

mkdir aleo-sign-t2
cd aleo-sign-t2
wget https://github.com/1to-team/aleo-sign-t2/releases/download/v1.0.0/aleo-sign-t2-linux.tar.gz
tar xzvf aleo-sign-t2-linux.tar.gz
rm aleo-sign-t2-linux.tar.gz

Sign message

You will need the private key for the Testnet 2 address (--private-key) and the Mainnet address where rewards will be sent (MAINNET_ADDRESS)

MESSAGE="Request Testnet 2 rewards from aleo1.to to $MAINNET_ADDRESS"

./aleo-sign-t2 --private-key APrivateKey1zkp... --message "${MESSAGE}"

You will see output like this:

Message (106 bytes):
Request Testnet 2 rewards from aleo1.to to aleo1t0team9fw85wn992jz5c9u0j9lfgksmd7luayxrqa6h4xmewqgysvlv329

Testnet 2 Address:

Testnet 2 Signature:

Testnet 2 Signature is what you need to paste into the Signature input on the Testnet Rewards page.

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